Saturday, November 30, 2002

Hey you kiddies....this is my first time writing for my blog thingy....I dunno I got it from Hal... Well today Halley and Aren and I went shopping at Old Navy. It was fun. I bought them a bunch of stuff though. Well Not aren but Halley. Thatz b/c she never has money. I think that she needs to get a job so she can stp[ depending on other people to get her what she wants. But thatz okay. I listening to a really good song right now..."She likes me for me" by Blessed Union of Souls. but anyways I spent all day yestuday with Cori. Now SHE needs a reality check!! she is freaking psyco about certain things. I mean i lvoe the girl but Come On Now!! Shes like "GC (Good Charlotte) is MINE you cant like them!" i mean really, gc is NOT hers....they are a part of the music industries which makes them everyones. I mean just b/c SHE liked something she doesnt want NE1 else to like them. She is still trying to find herself I think...which is Kind of sad actually. I would hope that she knew who she was by senior year. But thatz ok. I mean she will literally spend almost 1/2 her paycheck (Of 100$) at hot topic. I like the store too, but Im not going to spend $50 in ONE DAY therE! i think thatz crazy! but wutever. It doesnt matter. Steven still isnt letting me talk to him. Which I am okay with. I just wish he would call me today istead of tomorrow...Its not that I depend on him, I just feel as though he doesnt like me NEmore. He says he loves me and stuff.....but sometimes I just wonder. I wonder if it is worth all the trouble. I want to be with him, and i love him....But it gets me to me a lot. and all of my friends tell me to stick it out, But im the kind of girl who does what she wants when she wants how she wants it done. I know what I want I guess. NEways I have to go figure out something else to do....I will be back later! bye kiddies